Zittrain’s syllabus on “Controlling Cyberspace”

Jonathan Zittrain has a history of teaching interesting classes on the internet. Here’s another, syllabus shared under Creative Commons and put here for my reference.

Why does the Internet environment exist in the form it does today? What does its future, and the future of online life in general, look like? To what extent is this future malleable? Governments, corporate intermediaries, and hackers are empowered to different degrees by the space, and their interests and strengths are often in tension. This class uses academic as well as non-traditional texts to engender a broader understanding of Internet culture and technology, with an end focus on making informed choices about the future.

A Note about Reading:

The reading for this class will be anywhere between 30-100 pages per session. It will probably be helpful to read the selections in the order they appear in the syllabus, as some of the texts assume knowledge provided by the ones before them. Of course, inclusion of something in the syllabus should not be taken as an endorsement of its position or author. People are still wrong on the Internet.

Readings are subject to change. Material not available publicly online will be posted to the course iSite.

Class 1: Monday, January 30th: The Internet’s Past

Class 2: Monday, February 6th: Whatever Happened to Jurisdiction?

Class 3: Monday, February 13th: Copyright and Free Speech

Class 4: Thursday, February 23rd : Representing Ourselves Online

Class 5: Monday, February 27th: Defamation, Civility and Attribution

Class 6: Monday, March 5th: Generativity

Class 7: Monday, March 19th: DRM and Circumvention

Class 8: Monday, March 26th: Crowdsourcing: Threat or Menace?

Class 9: Monday, April 2nd: Gamification is…

Class 10: Monday, April 9th: Regulation, Governance and The Internet’s Future

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